needs an app

If you’d asked us at RDI when we were but children, we’d never have been able to predict the extent of technology’s synthesis into the modern vernacular; and why it means your business needs an app. Back then, we had to call our mates on our landline, only after 7pm (because then it was free), and we had to hang-up if someone needed to use the internet. Yes, it was a dire as it sounds.


Fast forward twenty years, and technology is integral in everything that we do.


As any business savvy eagle eyed entrepreneur knows, the trick to business success is to stay ahead of the game. When advances in technology arrive, you have to keep to your dance to keep current. That means, websites, and now – apps. But what exactly are the benefits of apps over websites optimised for mobile views? And does your business need one? The short answer is yes; but here at RDI, we’re about to tell you exactly why your business needs an app; and why you should consider this new form of innovation as integral progression.


Number one rule for any hardened or rookie business is that you’ve got to get your message to the people. If you’re not able to put your vision in the hands of those who want it, then there’s no point at all. We spend so much of our times on our mobile devices, and if your potential customer has downloaded your app and has to scroll past it every day; then they’re way more likely to use your services. Visibility can be enhanced with use of colour, design and even name – to ensure retention of spirit and make those potential moneymakers click.


Ease of use, then, is another factor in why your business needs an app. Your potential customers may be on the move, on the commute or drive to work. Often, they won’t have time to open up a laptop or zoom in and out on a mobile screen to use a store. An app, with it’s sleek design and user interface, allows them to access the information and purchase what they want, when they want, in little to no time. Perfect for 2018!

Gain Insights

We’re all aware how old school and temperamental website analytics are. With an App, you can gather data on the type of people who use your service, have an interest in your business or event. Then, you can use this data to modify your business plan or champion a product you initially thought might be an underdog. This can lead to a greater knowledge of how your business operates, and thus generate more profit!

Beat Google

Email marketing died a death with Gmail. Once they brought in tabs, specifically the “promotion” tab, any efforts to communicate your heaven-sent message via email became defunct. Have you ever clicked on this tab, let alone opened an email from it? No, us neither. Whilst we’re aware that there are other providers, it’s reported that google has over one billion active users. They’re pioneers, and even if you do happen upon a way around their filters, it’ll last about as long as any other email providers did (read: not very). Which brings us too…


needs an app

 Push Notifications

Okay, so, we’ll level with you here. Your business needs an app, as Millenials like data in the palm of their hands. With technology that delivers push notifications, such as apps, you have a dynamic way to put your message right at the forefront of your potential customer’s engagement. Sure, you can swipe them away, but they’ll still have read your name, and your message. It’ll stick there, somewhere in their subconscious. It’s way better than a hypnotoad, and way less expensive.

Social Media Integration

Last but not least, with an App – you can also fold in social media integration. Let your new customers express their joy at your new product, venue or thing. If you allow them the ability to post from your App onto Twitter, Facebook or Insta – then that’s an instant free add for you. Word-of-mouth advertising is still the best form of promotion, and, in fact – that’s why so many businesses focus on creating vivid content that has the potential to go viral. If it’s good enough for the big businesses, it’s good enough for you!


Convinced your business needs an app, but need an investor? Then check out Raj Dhonota Investments. An Angel Investor with a sense of business as unique as our founder’s, you’ll soon consider us sent from heaven. RDI work with people to establish holistic development; and turn ideas into businesses through investment, mentoring and our own unique philosophy. You’ll soon wonder where we’ve been all your life!