casual investor

So, here’s the moment. You, a vibrant new entrepreneur with a taste for business and an idea that you believe in with all your heart and soul; you’re ready. Ready to take the first precious steps toward success, you can see it, taste it – it’s there over the horizon with just a little way to jump. You’ve already worded your back-of-an-envelope business plan, and there’s just one thing that’s in the way of you and your launch. Money! Or, a casual investor!

You need an investor, stat! It’s up to you which route you follow, you could run through the possibilities till you’re dry, pitch to a wall of scowls and come back empty handed, pull yourself back together and do it all again for the next set of investors or, you could harness the power of casual investors!

Wait…casual investors? Like investors in jeans and T-shirts, right?

Not quite. You’ll have no doubt seen our founder, Raj Dhonota on popular BBC program The Apprentice? Well, Alan Sugar, head honcho at the centre of this program, is a professional investor. He generates and furthers his money by the devotion of 100% of his time to investment and entrepreneurial success.

Casual investors are the opposite of this. They’ll have a business or job that generates most of their income, and their investor ventures may exist alongside this. They’ll often invest small sums of money, which means, when you choose this route – you’ll be on the hunt for more than one.

Okay, so why should I use them?

Due to their casual investor attitude, you’ll find when you work with a casual investor, casual investors come with a more friendly, laid-back attitude – for example, your pitch session will be less presentation, more coffee inhalation! Casual investors will usually want to meet you one-on-one for a casual chat about your idea and where you think your company will take you, rather than require you to bring a bells-and-whistles PowerPoint.

You’ll also find that casual investors may have a more hands-on approach. They’ll likely become your friends as well as your monetary support, so don’t forget to invite them to your champagne launch.

And what’s the downside?

The downside of the casual investor is, as we mentioned before, you’ll need a number of them to hit your goals. This will require extensive people management skills, as you’ll want to keep your investors informed about what you do! Also, if you involve multiple investors, then you’ll end up paying out multiple returns when your business does take off!

Last but not least, it can be hard to navigate your needs between a casual investor, or a venture capitalist. But; if you’re looking for a mix of the two – try an Angel investor! These are high net-worth individuals who invest in people or startups they believe in. They’re the perfect mix of personal and professional, and will no doubt help you navigate the investor roads perfectly.

Ready to bag a casual investor? Then check out Raj Dhonota Investments. An Angel Investor; with a sense of business as unique as our founder’s, you’ll soon consider us sent from heaven. RDI work with people to establish holistic development; and turn ideas into businesses through investment, mentoring and our own unique philosophy.