avoid home startup plan pitfalls

Running a business from home offers ample flexibility and the kind of work/life balance most of us crave. However, it can bring with it some baggage in the form of challenges and often traps often may go unnoticed.

Avoiding these traps is a must to keep your productivity moving along at a healthy pace:

  • People working from home often complain of loneliness. Most are not prepared to work in an isolated environment. It may be easier to get a lot done this way, but it’s also good to take time away from your home workplace and attend meetings that may help boost your business. Attend business lunch dates now and then, join networking groups or simply work from a coffee shop to add that social element into your work day.
  • Working long hours every single day of the week is a recipe for a burnout. You may feel compelled to work more since you don’t have to deal with that pressure element from your superiors. But throwing in short breaks now and then and even taking a day or two off may very well work wonders for your productivity and energy levels.
  • With nobody tracking your progress, it’s easy to allow friends or family to interrupt and indulge in a little down time. This can adversely affect your focus. Instead, set aside “time slots” throughout your day where you must do nothing but work; that means strictly no phone calls, social meetings, or email alerts. This also includes household chores or stepping out to run an errand or two. Try to tend to all non-work related tasks in the time you’ve allotted to breaks, only if they allow it. Your friends and family should be able to happily accommodate you likewise.
  • Setting aside a space that’s reserved just for work is vital. You don’t need a very huge space. Just enough to avoid everyday distractions and have quality time with your work and business-related tasks. Put away personal objects that have a tendency to lure your attention. The tone of your workspace should be completely professional; just you and the tools you’ll need to accomplish the tasks for the day.

With the right set of environmental parameters, you’re all set to get down to business!