startup team management

Managing a Start-Up Team is probably one of the most challenging tasks you will face as an entrepreneur.  Not only will you have to self-motivate yourself but you will have to motivate and get the best out of your team; the former being far easier than the latter.  However, there are some basic techniques that you can use to ensure that you get the most out of your growing team.

First and foremost, you need to place your trust in your team.  This is sometimes a very difficult task to do, especially if your team are new to you, but if you put the right environment in place being able to trust your team becomes much easier.  Part of this environment means leading the team effectively by setting them clear objectives as to their responsibilities and what you expect of them.  Assigning a task and letting them tackle it to the best of their ability, allows team members to use their initiative and gives you a fresh perspective and new ideas.

Whilst managing your team it is important to always maintain an effective communication channel. One way of doing so is to have regular team meetings set in the diary to stay on top of progress. When things get hectic team meetings can often be postponed when they are crucial to staying on top of tasks. Using tools such as ASANA can be an easier way of managing tasks and assigning deadlines and responsibilities- so long as everyone sticks to it!

You should ensure that employees are not be afraid to voice their opinion or give you a new insight into your business; independent or more experienced opinions can be hugely valuable to a start-up and is something that gets lost within bigger businesses. Making an employee feel valued means they will go the extra mile when needed to support the business. On the flipside, when employees overstep the mark they should know where they have gone wrong in a constructive manner.

Don’t be afraid to delegate; but remember to delegate with oversight so you don’t lose control. This is important as productivity is key; you cannot do everything as the CEO of your company – 90% of your lone effort is less than the cumulative efforts of your whole team so learn to shed your load. Delegate meetings, tasks and responsibilities and allow yourself to prioritize and concentrate on the more critical aspects of your business. Learn to put your trust in your key staff and empower them to do their job. True delegation is about picking the right people, putting them in the right position and then putting your trust and faith in them by allowing them to get on with their job.

Finding a balance between micro and macro managing maybe hard, but if you really want to succeed and get the most out of your start-up team, then implementing some of the above will help you towards that goal.