start your own business17 Jul 2018

Start your own business: Everything you need to know

It’ll come as no surprise to you that to start your own business is a huge decision. You’ll need drive, motivation, and a message that you believe in with your entire heart and soul. In fact, over 84% of small business owners say they’d never do it again! So if you’ve started to think about lift-off, know there’s a few tips and tricks we’d like to share with you - to help guide you along

Government Internship Scheme mistakes18 Aug 2016

The Folly of the Government’s Current Internship Scheme

As no doubt many of you will be aware, the controversial subject of Internships has sparked much debate within the past year or so. It’s been fuelled by US graduates who worked for huge international companies - Fox and Conde Nast instantly spring to mind - filing lawsuits insisting they were putting in a 12 hour day in some cases and receiving no financial compensation. While I certainly don’t agree with exploiting graduates and other

education & entrepreneurship skills20 Nov 2015

Education and Entrepreneurship – Are They Mutually Exclusive?

Spanning the last few decades, we've managed to subconsciously embed this thought into our minds that education and entrepreneurship do not go hand in hand. While the former has to do with learning and fathoming new skills, the latter is the process of marching forward with an initiative and starting a new business. The fact that entrepreneurship is among the keystones of stable economic growth is a well-established one. Developed nations around the globe generously