investor friendly preposition

Once you’ve clearly laid out your business plans, moving forward undoubtedly requires talking to investors and reeling them in. This can often be best described as a daunting task.

Most well-known investors come across plenty of pitches on a day to day basis and quite simply don’t have the time or energy to meet everyone with a fresh business proposition. Furthermore, it isn’t unusual at all for aspiring entrepreneurs to speak to more than 50 investors initially, for example, before successfully landing a deal.

What you need to do is undergo an exercise to consider dozens of investors who may be potentially interested in sealing the deal with your organization. Here’s what you can do to ‘get noticed’.

AngelList is a dependable platform you can use to learn about investors and make them aware of you as a business entity. All you need to do is create a profile that has specific info about your company, product and staff. The next step is to pass your profile around, making sure friends and professional acquaintances see it. You can also request references. People who start following your organization will eventually pass around your profile. You may end up setting up meetings within days and even a likely investment.

The “education” section of AngelList is a great way of finding out about companies hiring investors and their experiences. If you happen to run into a fellow entrepreneur, they can prove to be an invaluable source, by helping you out with identifying potential investors, or even flagging the troublesome ones. Make a list of investors you are likely to take a chance on and move forward from there.

Extremely busy people by nature, investors will often pick only companies that are introduced through a mutual contact. Identifying mutual acquaintances is a great way to present your business in a positive light.

Investors are constantly on the lookout for great companies. Even if your business plans haven’t materialized, put your company vision and chief objectives out there. Generating attention by projecting your vision to investors will only improve your chances.

Be prepared for rejection though. Don’t let it bring you down; be diligent and conduct follow-ups in a professional manner.