Angel investment is a tricky business. Taking any idea through to fruition is difficult and requires a deal of luck. Therefore, any angel investor success stories should be applauded. According to this report, 2017 was a record year for seed investments in startups, with over 820 deals being done. To mark this milestone, we’re looking back at some of the most inspiring angel investor success stories of 2017.

angel investor success stories

Big hit for an ex-cricketer

Farokh Engineer, an ex-India international wicket-keeper who amassed 46 test caps for his country, endorsed Venture Giants. Venture Giants is an alternative investment and funding platform based in London. The company’s aim is to be the best place for UK startups to find angel investment.


Venture Giants is committed to supporting UK entrepreneurs. In order to accomplish this, they have nearly £3 billion in funds to invest in these small businesses and start-ups. Companies like Venture Giants, who specialise in connecting entrepreneurs with trustworthy investors are essential to small business and start up development in the UK. They are the reason that these kinds of angel investor success stories are possible.

The gym going from strength to strength

Jamie Ward and Neil Harmsworth have secured £200,000 in angel investment to fund their Pay as you Go gym venture.


The Pay as you Go gym model has been growing more prevalent in recent years and is gaining ever more of a foothold in the highly competitive fitness market. The unique selling point of Pay as you Go gyms is that customers don’t have to enter into long-term contracts. This is proving an appealing model to gym goers. As a result, it is also gaining traction in the field of investment.


PayasUgym – Ward and Harmsworth’s startup that received the angel investment – is an online database that allows users to find the perfect gym experience and package for them. Since its inception, the site has grown to now include details of over 1/3 of the UK’s gyms. This growth, coupled with and sustained by angel investment, is taking PayasUgym from strength to strength.

Connecting people and places in Africa

This is a story that actually begins way back in 2008. Devin de Vries, along with some colleagues, set about tackling the issues of transport for students as part of their thesis at the University of Cape Town.


Ten years later and the app WhereIsMyTransport is established as the go-to app for navigating South Africa by public transport. Now, expansion is the name of the game. Headquarters have transported themselves to London in order to attract further investment to the company and the move worked.


Recently, WhereIsMyTransport has received $1.5 million in funds to assist the development of the app internationally. WhereIsMyTransport is now exploring ways of entering new markets in Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.


As far as angel investor success stories go – improving public transport in Africa will take some beating.


These angel investor success stories get to the heart of what startup business and entrepreneurship is all about. It’s not just about making money, there are easier and less risky ways to do that. It’s about giving your all to something you believe in. Perhaps, even, something that can make a real difference.


Whatever your idea or pitch, angel investment could be the right way to progress for you. Here at Raj Dhonota Investment we are always looking to hear the best and brightest new ideas. So, if you’re seeking investment in your own idea, get in touch.  Then we can start telling some more angel investor success stories of our own, together.