idea to investment

Seeing an idea to investment can sometimes feel like an impossible task. Competition is fierce and more and more investors are shying away from risks. However, whenever you feel like that, take a look at these inspirational tales of industry success. These individuals all managed to find a way to take their idea to investment, and success thereafter.


1. Levi Roots

Where else could we begin but with the man who put music in our food? Roots is by far the biggest and best-known success story to come from the long running BBC show, Dragon’s Den. In 2007, when Roots serenaded the Dragons, he was told by Duncan Bannatyne there was “no future for his business”.


Fortunately, fellow panellists Peter Jones and Richard Farleigh disagreed and gave the Reggae Reggae brand the investment it needed. Over ten years later, following expansion from BBQ sauces into ready meals, soft drinks, cookbooks and even a burgeoning restaurant chain, Bannatyne has been emphatically proved wrong.


Roots is now the figurehead of a Caribbean-inspired food business thought to be worth around £30 million. Jones, who bought out Farleigh’s stake very early on, considers this “one of [his] most successful investments from the show”.


2. Leah Totton

Leah Totton appeared on the 2013 series of The Apprentice with big ambitions. Over the course of the series she then proved she had the acumen and ability to back it up.


As a practicing physician, Leah Totton used her Apprentice winnings, and subsequent investment from Lord Alan Sugar, to fund her own cosmetic surgery facility, the Dr Leah Clinic. The clinic opened its doors in 2014 and has maintained its success ever since.


Totton has long been an advocate of improving standards and service within the cosmetic surgery industry. Her dedication and commitment serve as a truly inspiring example of the tenacity required to take an idea to investment.


3. Pip Murray

Pip Murray launched her eponymous health food brand, Pip & Nut, from her own garden shed in 2013. Inspired by her love of marathon running, Murray set about producing a range of nut butters made without any unnecessary, unhealthy additives. In 2015, Pip & Nut was officially launched as a company.


After a sustained run of success, in 2016, Sir Richard Branson gave Murray his backing. The man atop of the Virgin empire recognised Murray’s venture as one of Britain’s “hottest new food businesses”. This gave Pip the opportunity to pitch her company to the US-based Target Corporation.


Since then, Pip & Nut has amassed in excess of £200,000 in private and crowdfunding investments. Murray’s products are also stocked in thousands of recognised shops and outlets, including Selfridges, Sainsbury’s and Ocado. What an incredible idea to investment story that is. For Pip & Nut, with international expansion on the cards, the sky is the limit.


The above stories serve to remind us that taking an idea to investment is possible. If the idea is good enough, and you will work hard enough, then anything is possible. You never know, soon we could be writing about you taking your idea to investment.