Improve your focus and stay in control


Publication of an article I wrote for people looking to manage an ever growing and demanding set of tasks without losing focus on what’s important.

How to remain focused and in control


My original article on how to stay in control of a growing task list and what techniques you can use to prioritise what needs to be done.

Improve Focus and Stay in Control


A publication by the Huffington Post of my advice on how to stay in control of a growing task list and techniques that you can use to prioritise your task backlog.

Beyond Malala: six teenagers changing the world


Zea Tongeman was one of the finalists from the AppsForGood Annual Awards that I was impressed by and decided to back their business idea.

14 Y/O Says “Geeks Are Cool” & Creates Innovative App To Prove It


A news article covering the decision I made to help fund and launch the AppsForGood Jazzy Recycler’s Reclycling App by Zea Tongeman and Jordan Stirbu.

Are Women the Future of Tech Entrepreneurs?


An interview describing my experience with women tech entrepreneurs and the clear increase in the number of women entrepreneurs looking to start their own business.

Being a tech geek is cool, I should know, I am one


An article in The Guardian about my latest investment Jazzy Recyclers – founded by Zea Tongeman and Jordan Stribu.

Zea Tongeman on BBC World News talk about Little Miss Geek Tech Clubs


An interview on BBC News with Zea Tongeman talking about the mobile application we are building together.

Are women the future of tech entrepreneurs?


A news article highlighting my experiences with women tech entrepreneurs.

Make or break? What The Apprentice did for these candidates


Find out whether The Apprentice was a help or hindrance to former Apprentice stars.

The Apprentice and the fight to win ratings


A repeat of the article I wrote for The Independent.

The Apprentice: Cannon fodder in ratings war


An article written by me for the The Independent in 2009.

Where are The Apprentices now?


An article in the Daily Mirror catching up with previous Apprentices.

Life after The Apprentice: Sir Alan’s rejects hit back


An article regarding candidates that failed to win The Apprentice.