Apprentice’s Raj Dhonota backs students’ ‘Tinder’ job-search app


UniJobApp, a job search app developed by students in Scotland gain RD’s backing.

Apprentice star backs student jobs ‘Tinder’ app


Evening Times covers the progress of my Startup investment UniJobApp.

Signs that you should start looking for investment


Implementing an Investment Plan into your Business.

Challenges Of Running A Business In Multiple Timezones


My take on managing business in multiple time zones in Huffington Post.

Why most pre-seed partnerships fail (and what you can do to stop it)


I share my experience with Business Zone on why so many co-founder relationships fail.

​7 signs your start-up is ready to expand its team


Growth Business publish my seven signs that your start-up is ready to start adding numbers to your team.

Seven signs your start-up is ready to expand its team


Don’t know when you are ready to expand your start-up team? Here are seven signs that your start-up is ready to start adding numbers to your team.

When I invest in startups it’s 99% the team and 1% the idea


Business Zone discuss what I look for when deciding on a pre-seed investment.

BBC Journalist Johnny I’Anson Interview With Raj Dhonota


Johnny l’Anson on BBC Radio Leeds radio interview with Gareth Craven ‘Hire an Artist’ and Raj Dhonota.

Timing An International Expansion In A Post-Brexit Landscape


Looking To Expand Overseas In A Post-Brexit Landscape? My advice in the Huffington Post will give you an indication of what to think about.

Former Apprentice contestant invests £50k in Leeds Trinity graduate startup business


Bdaily talks about my investment in Leeds Trinity graduate start-up business Hire An Artist.

Entrepreneurs Echo Call After Parker Review


Raj Dhonota demanding boardroom diversity.

Why That Investor Rejected You


Ever been rejected by an Investor? This may point to the reason why.

New tyre price website to champion local fitters


My latest start-up investment is mentioned in The Yorkshire Post.

Student sets up website to get the young involved in EU debate


The Jewish Chronicle speaks about my investment in JustDebate.