How to beat the startup slump


My advice in BusinessZone on how to beat the startup slump.

The Rise of Millennial Entrepreneurs


I discuss how a new generation is changing the way things are done.

AI In The Workplace: Why Robots Won’t Replace Humans


Good News! I wrote about how AI won’t be taking all of our jobs just yet.

EVENT: Thurs 20th April 7pm, meet the man who wants to invest £1m in Croydon startup ideas


Tomorrow I’ll be giving a masterclass on making your business idea investment-ready. Who knows, I might even invest in your idea myself!

How will virtual reality transform workplace training?


My take on the potential of Virtual Reality to transform workplace training and beyond.

Is an angel investor the next step to growth for Coconut Chilli founder?


How to solve a problem like Navina? My tips for retaining control of your business after investment.

What not to do with your investment now you’ve got it


My three DON’Ts for using your investment.

Business Rates Rise: What Will the Upcoming Changes Mean for UK Start-ups?


I share my vision for how the business rates rise will affect the UK start-up landscape – and how to end up on top of the hill!

3 Reasons Your Startup Might Not Receive Investment


Too often entrepreneurs seeking investment focus on their pitch or their appearance. In this article, Raj delves into the problems at the heart of business ideas which stop them receiving investment.

Time is your most valuable commodity; here’s how entrepreneurs can get some back


I share my wisdom on the best ways to free up your most valuable commodity – your own time.

Preparing to deliver an Oscar-worthy investment pitch


My investment pitch advice in Real Business for budding entrepreneurs.

Leeds Business Review by Henry Burkinshaw


Graduate’s Art Business, receives Apprentice style applause for ‘Hire an Artist’.

Where’s Wally: How to spot the investor perfect for you


Real Business feature the second article in a series I am writing for them regarding start-up investments.

How Brexit will affect UK app developers and consumers


My view on how Brexit will affect UK app developers and consumers.

Windygates pair launch unique student job app


Fife Today mentions my startup investment in UniJobApp.