education & entrepreneurship skills20 Nov 2015

Education and Entrepreneurship – Are They Mutually Exclusive?

Spanning the last few decades, we've managed to subconsciously embed this thought into our minds that education and entrepreneurship do not go hand in hand. While the former has to do with learning and fathoming new skills, the latter is the process of marching forward with an initiative and starting a new business. The fact that entrepreneurship is among the keystones of stable economic growth is a well-established one. Developed nations around the globe generously

self-employment20 Oct 2015

The Transition from Employment to Self-employment

Let’s face it: acquiring sufficient capital and taking bold risks to embark on a business venture isn't everybody’s bag. It’s a whole different ball game and some folks find it hard to adjust to the new landscape. It takes a certain kind of entrepreneurial mindset to boldly go down this road. Core Flexibility When setting out to start a business, know that you no longer have just one job description to fulfill, with a clearly

Entrepreneurship Essentials23 Sep 2015

Entrepreneurship – Bare Essentials

You’re an aspiring young businessman. You have vision, drive, determination and you’re willing to do what’s needed to overtake the competition. But do you have what it takes to pull through hard times when your profits are less than satisfactory? Some of these traits can help your entrepreneurship thrive. Let’s face it: you’re not just in it for the money. If you have taken the painstaking task of investing in a business and boldly taking

five business tips26 Aug 2015

Five Ways to Bag That First Contract

Start-up businesses can often take time to gain momentum, especially if they’re pitching a product or service that may not be a part of the mainstream market. We’re going to briefly look at five steps you can incorporate to make sure you strike a cord with your intended audience, without being backed up by a proven track record. Identify Needs Unless you identify a real need for a specific product or service, you won’t have

knowing your business to succeed12 Jul 2015

Knowing Your Business Inside and Out – Knowledge is King

Ponder over this if you will, for just a moment – are you completely in touch with the day-to-day processes of your business? Far too many business owners feverishly work to enjoy a good standard of living, often choosing not to look into key aspects of their business. Can you honestly say you took time out to have a walk-around and look at your business objectively? If you haven’t done so, or feel that it’s

government autumn statement review16 Jun 2015

My View on the Autumn Statement 2013

In his Autumn statement, delivered to Parliament just last week, Chancellor George Osborne insisted that the UK government required a plan where we "don't pretend we can make things better by writing cheques to ourselves." He felt justified in saying this because forecasts show the UK's overall growth has increased but he's aware too that productivity growth is still falling behind what it once was - and should be. And another thing, business taxes are